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Our APEX 2020 Recap

IPC APEX 2020 was one of the best. Thank you to all that came by the booth at the show. Check out the recap below:

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How is CalcuQuote's customer support so good?

One of our greatest strengths as a company is our ability to delight customers. On a daily basis, customers go out of their way to pay us a compliment on how pleasantly surprised they are by our customer service. Here's a peek at the strategy which has enabled our customer support success.

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Pricing for Profitability in EMS

Check out this continuation of the "Scratching the Surface Mount" webinar series. Chintan Sutaria and David Paschall discuss pricing strategy and steps to get started with Value Based Pricing to improve your bottom line.

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Should you be using Value Based Pricing?

When most people think of increasing profits, they immediately think of either increasing sales volume (“Sell more PCBAs!”) or cutting expenses (“Cancel the company barbecue!”). A far more efficient way of increasing profits is to improve your pricing strategy.

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