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Excel Tricks for Messy BOMs

For November's episode of  "Scratching the Surface Mount" webinar series, CalcuQuote President, Chintan Sutaria, goes through how Excel formulas and other functions (i.e., substitution formula, vlookup, copy/paste, sorts/filters, etc.)  can be used to clean up the formatting of a messy BOM.

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4 Ways CMs Address a Messy Bill of Material

It happens to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies all the time. A new customer you've chased for a year finally gives you the chance to bid on a job, but the documents they send you with the request for quote (RFQ) look like a flashback from the 1980’s

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5 Reasons for Why EMS Companies Need to Stop Using Excel for Quoting

We meet EMS companies every day who tell us about the creative ways they've used Excel to organize their business processes. One of the most common ways that EMS companies currently do labor calculations is "through a spreadsheet that has evolved over many, many years."

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