Lean Data - Applying Lean Manufacturing to Services Processes and Data Flow

By Chintan Sutaria

In February's webinar presentation of "Scratching the Surface Mount," CalcuQuote President, Chintan Sutaria, discusses how Lean can apply to Services processes. 

Using examples from electronics manufacturing services industry, he compares and contrasts how the 7 Muda (Waste) manifest themselves in manufacturing vs. services processes. Chintan also goes over the various tools for Lean and questions you should ask yourself when considering data flow automation.

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Chintan Sutaria
Chintan Sutaria

Chintan Sutaria is Founder and President of CalcuQuote, a comprehensive RFQ management software for the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry. CalcuQuote handles the entire RFQ process from capturing customer requirements, calculating material, labor and overhead costs, and following up with a customer to win more business.

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