In the spirit of giving

By Kaitlyn Dotson

In case you didn't know, our customers have helped drive our product decisions. And this year, we asked them to help us decide how we distribute our donation to the community. We made a donation on behalf of our customers to three organizations near and dear to us based on their feedback. 

A Worthy Cause


Each cause has a special meaning to one of us at CalcuQuote. 

1. Akshaya Patra 

Akshaya Patra provides hot, nutritious, school meals to 1.7 million children across India. $20 can feed a child for the entire school year. The cause is worthy and the organization has proven that it can scale up with quantifiable results.

"The thing which I find most fascinating about Akshaya Patra (because I'm a manufacturing nerd) is that their "kitchens" are a Lean, Kaizen, 5S, ISO model of efficient manufacturing - down to every detail." - Chintan Sutaria

2. Red Rover

Red Rover helps animals in crisis to protect and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. Their mission is crisis to care.

"With the recent disasters in my home state of California, this organization has a personal meaning to not only myself but so many others." - Kaitlyn Dotson

3. BonTon Farms

BonTon Farms is located in a South Dallas neighborhood classified by the government as a food desert. The average household income is $14,000 annually and there is limited access to fresh and healthy food. Enter BonTon Farms - they began 5 years ago as a 1 acre farm providing the residents with fresh produce and animal products such as eggs, honey, and cheese. Fast forward 5 years, the farm is 66 acres. In addition to the farm, they’ve opened a neighborhood market and restaurant. They have created several second chance jobs, provided after school tutoring, and more. 

"I first volunteered at BonTon Farms in 2015. After my first time there, I was hooked - I have volunteered down there many times since learning how to farm and helping with after-school programs for the kids." - Mike Turner

Our Impact


To create the most impact, we gave a percent of our overall donation to each organization based on how our customers voted:

Akshaya Patra - 30%

How was the donation used? With the donation, we bought fifteen children a nutritious, quality and delicious meal for an entire school year.

Red Rover - 33%

How was the donation used? To help RedRover provide animals with lifesaving care through RedRover Relief and Responders programs, and prevents animal cruelty and neglect through educational RedRover Readers program.

BonTon Farms - 37%

How was the donation used? To help BonTon Farms create jobs, repair neighborhood homes and begin plans for their Public Charter School initiative. 

The holidays are a special time and was made even more special by making an impact that our customers could get behind. 


Kaitlyn Dotson
Kaitlyn Dotson

Kaitlyn Dotson is Vice President of CalcuQuote, a comprehensive RFQ management software for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry.

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