CalcuQuote Announces New Vice President of Product

By Kaitlyn Dotson

CalcuQuote announced the addition of David Sharp as the new Vice President of Product and Client Services. He joins the CalcuQuote team from a diverse background in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry for over 20 years. For the last 14 years, he has focused on helping EMS companies identify and select the best Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) and other software solutions designed to help them increase efficiency and profitability. Additionally, he has been a key consultant to various Contract Manufacturers to improve processes, procedures and software implementations.

Like all the team members at CalcuQuote, David’s primary responsibility is customer success. David’s other focus will be Product Management to help CalcuQuote refine existing products and bring new products to market to meet current and future industry demands.

“For many years, I have looked up to David Sharp as one of the leading authorities on software for the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry. I'm excited to be working with him now. The amalgamation of his strong relationships, industry experience and creative problem solving will propel the next generation of software solutions for the EMS industry,” Chintan Sutaria, Founder & President of CalcuQuote.

“From my first exposure to CalcuQuote, I knew this company was going to make a difference in the industry. After only a few short years, their superior product, excellent customer service, and desire to move the industry forward have produced amazing results and loyal customer base. I am honored for the opportunity to work with this outstanding team and assist in creating the future for the EMS Industry.” David Sharp, Vice President of Product and Client Services.


Kaitlyn Dotson
Kaitlyn Dotson

Kaitlyn Dotson is Vice President of CalcuQuote, a comprehensive RFQ management software for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry.

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