CalcuQuote Announces New Vice President of Business Development

By Kaitlyn Dotson

CalcuQuote announced the addition of Stephanie Barone as the new Vice President of Business Development. She joins the CalcuQuote team from a background of nearly 20 years in the Telecom industry. Stephanie saw the Telecom industry grow from a concept that had to be explained in detail to having collaboration technology as one of the main pillars of any company's basic infrastructure.

From a mission-critical software of any company to a commodity, it became difficult to find a differentiator from one product to another. Which led her to a new software that was solving an exciting problem for a new industry, CalcuQuote. 

Along with focusing on customer success, Stephanie's primary responsibility be business development to share the CalcuQuote message with prospective clients and partners. 

"Stephanie is an exciting addition to our team. Her experience in business development and ability to build relationships with her clients makes her a natural fit with the customer-centric CalcuQuote culture," said Chintan Sutaria, Founder and President of CalcuQuote. 

"In 5 to 10 years, companies who are not using tools like CalcuQuote to manage their business will not be in business. This will go from being something people struggle to understand to being a “have-to-have” in order to remain competitive.

I am excited to get up every morning and find those people who haven’t heard of CalcuQuote … to meet someone who keeps saying “You know what would be great…” And I am able to say “I HAVE THAT!” “You’ve been imagining something that makes your business better, smoother, more profitable … and I HAVE IT." said Stephanie Barone, Vice President of Business Development. 


Kaitlyn Dotson
Kaitlyn Dotson

Kaitlyn Dotson is Vice President of CalcuQuote, a comprehensive RFQ management software for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry.

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