Closing this decade. A look into the last year.

By Kaitlyn Dotson

What a year it has been. Really, what a decade it has been. CalcuQuote began in the middle of this decade and it’s been a whirlwind since the beginning. Our mission began with “making quoting faster for EMS.” And while that is still our goal, we’ve also taken on the responsibility to be an industry leader and move the EMS industry forward with digital transformation. 

Here’s how the last year in this decade went for our team! 

This year, the CQ team has been to 35 states, 11 countries and on 18 customer visits. Making every minute count. 


We hired an expert in the EMS industry to lead our product team. David Sharp has been an incredible addition to the team, and you’ll be so excited to hear his product ideas for the future. Read more about David here

We had our annual team retreat alongside an advisory board meeting to ensure we were set for the year. 

Our VP of Operations, Kaitlyn Dotson, attended the Mini in Minny at the SMTA HQ in Minnesota. Let’s just say for us Texas, it was beyond cold. 

SAI Mini in Mminny 2019

At the end of January, we attended the IPC APEX show in San Diego (thankful for the weather change). While we didn’t have a booth this year, we focused on a customer dinner to celebrate 100 EMS companies and had the BEST time. 



Well, the SuperBowl happened if that’s your thing.(YAY SPORTS). 

We also had a great webinar on the 7 Ways to Improve your cost model. Check it out here. As well as the secret behind an accurate labor model. Read the blog.


President and Founder, Chintan Sutaria headed to our office in India for our product team retreat. Retreats are a big thing around here, we like to all come together to share our vision and ideas.

Chintan is also the President of the SMTA Dallas Chapter. Not only do we attend our monthly Lunch & Learns, but we also attended the SMTA Dallas Expo to meet with current and prospective customers. 

SMTA Dallas Expo Floor

Excel becoming a headache? We hosted a webinar on how to “(Excel)erate your Excel!” Don’t miss these great tips. 

Fast is key in today’s industry. Check out this blog here on the “ Need for Speed not only in Production.”


Our local (and non-local) community is important to us here at CalcuQuote. This year, our team was able to attend and volunteer at Dallas startup week to see some of the amazing startups and innovations in our area. 

Customer success is key at CalcuQuote. And we wanted to make sure we had a grasp of our PERFECT customer (but really, all of you are perfect). We gathered some trusted advisors and nailed down how we can better serve you. 

Ever heard the phrase “Everyone sells chicken”? That’s our motto here at CQ. We sell and we support. Check out this webinar on “Building a sales infrastructure for EMS.” Hosted by Chintan and Karl Berger. 

Two blogs this month you won’t want to miss:

  1. Our 5 year anniversary! Read the story here
  2. Insurance and EMS, there's a similar story


On the road again. Traveling is a part of the job, we like to put faces to names. Chintan took a trip to the PNW to check in with a few customers. Such a beautiful step out of the beginning summer heat in Texas. 

Want to see us use CQ in action? We challenged Chintan to complete a quote in 60 minutes or less or there would be pie in the face. See how he did here

We were so excited to announce our new partnership with Sourcengine. Check it out here


We celebrated a bit in June. Two team members birthday (which called for cat birthday decorations, don't ask) and a team dinner. All the bonding. 

We also had a great webinar with a longtime partner, Aegis. You won’t want to miss it here


Planning for the future? Check out this webinar on some tips for creating a technology roadmap.


This was the first glance into something our team had been working diligently on. Check out our webinar on “Procurement Methods and Metrics” to learn more. 


For our sixth year in a row, we attended the SMTA International Expo in Rosemont, IL. Our team was working hard at the booth to chat with attendees on all things CQ and EMS. Chintan was around the expo floor to talk with press. Here’s an interview with EMSNOW at the Scoop booth. 


Founder Chintan and VP of Product David attended to Future Conference and had the opportunity to meet with customers and partners alike! 


Want to join an industry organization? SMTA has been a vital association to CQ and our team. Read the blog here


Another month, a new team member! We welcomed Stephanie Barone to our team as Vice President of Business Development. And we’re so glad she is here. Read more

Our partners are important to our business and our customers. We had the opportunity to speak at the Cetec User Conference in Austin! 


Build or buy? The age old question. Learn more about what goes into building a software in this webinar. 


A trip to Germany included a stop by Founder Chintan at productronica to stop at a few booths and chat. Check out the videos below:

  1. Panel Discussion: The Digitization of Purchasing Process in EMS
  2. WNIE TV: Chintan and Ian chat about CalcuQuote. 
  3. EPP: New Products and Market Development


Another member joined our customer focused team. Welcome Daniel! 


Giving back is important. It has become a yearly tradition to share the charities that are important to our team and let our customers feedback help us determine our donation. See how we donated this year! 

We’re planning for 2020 and the new decade. Let’s just say, it’s going to be a good one.


Kaitlyn Dotson
Kaitlyn Dotson

Kaitlyn Dotson is Vice President of CalcuQuote, a comprehensive RFQ management software for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry.

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